How do I pre-order cupcakes?

Simply fill up this Cupcakes Order Form and email it to Please wait within 24 hours for our reply upon confirmation and payment process.

Can I customise cupcakes?
Yes! You can purchase our decorative Toppers (packed separately) to customise your cupcakes. More details on our toppers are on the "Available Toppers" link on the left. Just include this Toppers Form with your Cupcake Order Form. =)

Is there an extra charge for coloured cream cheese?
No, there is no extra charge. However, the minimum quantity for coloured cream cheese is 12 cupcakes per colour. We will try to create any colour you want, but we do not recommend dark colours as too much colouring is required.

How many days in advance must I place my order?
We require 3 working days' notice for preorder of cupcakes. For Cupcake Toppers, we require 5 working days' notice. As we have limited boxes available daily, we recommend placing your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please note that an order is only confirmed upon payment.

Do I need to pre-pay for my order?
We kindly ask for advance payment for all reservations to be made at least 3 to 5 working days from collection date.

How do I make payment for my order?
Please transfer to our preferable bank account, BCA.
For cash payments, please bring your order forms TO THE OUTLET YOU'RE COLLECTING YOUR CUPCAKES FROM, to make payment.
All orders are only confirmed upon payment.

Can I call in to make an order?
Yes please, here is our hotline number at +62817101212 (Monday-Sunday,10.00-18.00)

Do you sell bigger cakes or mini cupcakes?
Yes! We also sell Mini Cupcakes with limited boxes daily.

Can I order a special flavour that is not available on the day of the week I will be picking up my cupcakes?
Yes you are able to order Specials that are not available on that day itself. We require 3 days notice with 1 dozen minimal order.

Do you rent cupcake stands?
Yes! We have a 3-5 tier cupcake display made out of acrylic for rent at 150.000 IDR per 48 hours, with an additional deposit of 500.000 IDR (Special mention: 100.000 IDR is charged for every 24 hours that it isn't returned)

Do you have individual boxes for your cupcakes? What other sized boxes do you have?
We only have individual clear cases at 2.000 IDR each. Other box sizes are for 3s, 6s and 12s.